Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Days Plans All Laid Out

This is how the story goes... 

Have a gander at some magazines and books..... 

A day off is all about having a cuppa.... 

Taking stock....

And having a fucking lye down in the middle of the day!

Life is awesome, when you face a day off!! Which is what I have tomorrow thank christ mother lickers!! I intended to all of the above aswell as meanial tasks like washing/ cooking and buying my new tripod and setting up my photowall ( which is a wall hmm hmm which i artfully and gracefully postion myself against and take pics) yes, that really was self explanatory but meh, 

xo then come the pics..... but these are just a few that were taken whilst i was in Noosa 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I believe that my own style evolution really for lack of another word evolved when I dipped my hair quite literally into the world of Ombre Fashion. Now when i went to the AWESOME Annika Salon in Glenferrie Rd they called it Belliage but whatever your name for it, my hair is now 3 different shades beginning at the root. A look which would take months to achieve is now available in 5hrs!! I did a post about dip dyed hair months ago, always wishing I could have it!! Well bitches this Hombre is no Ombred!!! Junky chic..... 

 Yeh, I owned that hat!!! Although hats can be used to hide regrowth now nolonger!! I shall embrace these dark roots which you cannot see (damn I'm bad a choosing inappropriate pictures haha), 

Suspended Animation Sleeping? Look into it

Now if tonight I could lye like this is suspended animation it may just give my back some BLOODY relief!! So lucky me I have pulled a muscle in my back and surprise surprise it was pretty much self inflicted. You see I have this complex where by I believe I have the strength of a 120kg 6.4 tall man. Which i usually do don't get me wrong but sometimes like the other day it failed me! SHOCK HORROR I am mealy a 48kg 5.3 laaady! So I royally fucked my back more to the point!! 

What to do when it hurts to even pull my jumper over my head let alone try on cute outfits??? Well, as the song goes make a list of your favorite things.... 

Favorite new additions to my wardrobe:
(AS you shall grow to love or accept I have a very fleeting relationship with my clothes in the beginning, I treat them like boys I get them, try them out, then discard me 
BUT don't judge me because as I always do I get back round to them eventually then HALLELUJAH I hooked line and sinker baby)  

1.  Anna Sui Dress- Mixture of sheer silk/ velvet trim and woven crochet edging HOT!!
2.  Marc Jacobs- Silk and beaded overlay dress in cream
3.  Vivienne Westwood- Love heart fronted plastic heels 
SPOILER ALERT: EBAY purchases! For the above items
The following items are a few from the latest Topshop injection into my wardrobe
4.  Asymmetric color black dress 
5. Lace crop top 
6. Velvet pussybow collar 
7. Nutmeg boyfriend blazer
8. 4 different necklace armor pieces/ collars
High Street Malvern purchases 
9. Arabella Ramsay- Shirt/ skirt
10. Decuba- Orange silk maxi dress
11. Nine West- Platform Pink and gold to die for heels! / Green platform heels 

Ahhh so many more I could list but blahhh fuck it ill show you some xoxo
So this is my room hmm hmm sorry I mean walk in closet.....

And that is not even the half of it peeps so just wait till I get my back fixed and I can put some of this ON! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Que Serait le monde sans les filles? Indeed

Stylin or stylinz

Do you like wearing see through tops all year round? VERY unintentionally I appear to. I was looking back at some pictures starting from July this year and 1 things is very obvious! I have changed my hair 4 times since then. But, also that I have introduced a lot more color into my summer wardrobe!!!

I was told I dress well for me, what does that mean? I dress well for my figure well I don't wont to bore you all with my short cumming s hmm hmm short being the key word- yes I am the size of a slightly over grown hobbit which is hilarious seeing as my family is from NZ and if you could see my relations you would believe that NZ is in fact middle Earth. 
But I do like to think I dress for my shape and for me, I certainly don't dress for discomfort. I am a internal struggle in myself- I like to dress body conscious but then ill layer 2 tops and a jacket on top/ or ill never wear a skirt of dress that's tight without a good pair of spanks haha. But then again now day at work is a far cry from what i wear as soon as i get home, I love the drama and escapism of fashion so I thought why not do a comparative blog post- show the extent of my fashion shake up from day to late afternoon slashy night! Perfect I thought a great way to begin this new chapter of my blog but just as quickly as it began it ended oh SHIT! i dont have a tripod and cant work out my remote timer on my comp so FUCK SHIT WANKER it will have to wait for another day. So to tie myself over I thought post some pics that dont reallly show what ur wearing and give that a go xo 

Focus & Re-group

I had so many different aspirations for this blog at the beginning, I guess like so many other budding fashionista's bloggers I imagined it to be so an instant success. A success in term that people would follow my blog and adore the post and pictures I put up. That was mistake number 1 i was trying to fulfill the brief of expectations of people I didn't know, I was marketing my blog to someone I couldn't even imagine. So I took stock what would I like to read about? What do I love about those blogs which I daily look at in hope that they have a new post. Its the individual that really makes a blog and their take on the content. So no longer will i amble through this blogasphere with no proposed focus. I shall be focused and I shall build my blog around affordable fashion!! I am a 21 year old, occasional university student where I shall en-devour to finish my Degree in Archaeology which began almost 4 years ago YIKES!! I work full time at a great cafe with amazing customers and a great group of friends. I have just moved out and am asserting my independence in all aspects of my life including a self proposed SINGLE status. 
Now, I am not the highest earner if my boss sees this hint hint haha, but i live a comfortable existence between paying rent and play money. Play money defined my moi is: $$$ to be spent on clothes and accessories to wear  to those amazing places I don't got but if i am ever invited to a red carpet or a gala ball have the perfect outfit for. I was once known as an Ebay a holic and I guess once I realized at the age of 19 that my money could buy me all the things I dreamed of growing up in Melbourne adoring fashion, I began to invest all my time and money into doing just such. 

I trawl the internet for things that I feel encapsulate the looks which I adore but without the $1000 price tag, its not quite thrift store trawling but this is a modern age. I have built up a collection of key pieces and accessories which have seemingly no relation to each other, but i like to put them together. It is the definition of an eclectic wardrobe. I have always loved styling outfits and looks so I though FUCK IT make that into your blog. 

Here we go x 

This is me by the way, why don't more people accesorise their mouths? I like to add a Topshop velvet bow tye but don't get me wrong only on special occasions

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is All It Takes To Sell These Days..... Sex? ....DAISY LOWE CAMPAIGN

Is All It Takes To Sell These Days....Sex? YES

This is the Spring/ Summer campaign featuring the enegmatic Daisy Lowe shot by Jeurgen Teller. Honestly is all it takes to sell your wears a sexually driven add campaign? Sure sex sells there is absolutely no doubt. It sells magazines, clothing it sells a young woman every saturday night in St kilda. The question still remains for me personally atleast is that are we moving away from campaignes which are more than just a provocative image?

Daisy Lowe is by no means a conventional model but what she has is the features which she uses to her advantage. Covered gingerly by a sheet she lays beggingly on a bed and that is the first image which we are greated with from the campaign. I will continue more with this will have to do for now.......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dawn Of Discovery

SSENSE I have just discovered this amazing website for future viewers of my blog I am sure I will be featuring purchases and dream items as I delve further into this treasure shove of fashion I have happened upon. 

A 21st Weekend

I splurged yet again and bought new fantastic sandal plait suede orange clogs from Funkis,
 daring stockings from Sportsgirl and a checky mesh dress from General Pants Co. 
unfortunately with my schedule at the moment I have no oppitunity to go into a store and shop for a new outfit so I had scramble and trawl the internet for fast shipping companies. Unfortunately my usual goto's Ebay, American Apparel, Etsy, Style Stalker were taking far to long so I went back to basics and ended up with the pieces I have. Now I just have to pray they arrive before Friday!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purchase .1.

This amazing rabbit fur and suede jacket, I chose it because it was a slightly different take on the fur vests that we see around and omg so soft and luxurious.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Death-haunted, quietly reckless, Lucy is a young university student who takes a job as a Sleeping Beauty. In the Sleeping Beauty Chamber old men seek an erotic experience that requires Lucy’s absolute submission. This unsettling task starts to bleed into Lucy’s daily life and she develops an increasing need to know what happens to her when she is asleep.