Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Suspended Animation Sleeping? Look into it

Now if tonight I could lye like this is suspended animation it may just give my back some BLOODY relief!! So lucky me I have pulled a muscle in my back and surprise surprise it was pretty much self inflicted. You see I have this complex where by I believe I have the strength of a 120kg 6.4 tall man. Which i usually do don't get me wrong but sometimes like the other day it failed me! SHOCK HORROR I am mealy a 48kg 5.3 laaady! So I royally fucked my back more to the point!! 

What to do when it hurts to even pull my jumper over my head let alone try on cute outfits??? Well, as the song goes make a list of your favorite things.... 

Favorite new additions to my wardrobe:
(AS you shall grow to love or accept I have a very fleeting relationship with my clothes in the beginning, I treat them like boys I get them, try them out, then discard me 
BUT don't judge me because as I always do I get back round to them eventually then HALLELUJAH I hooked line and sinker baby)  

1.  Anna Sui Dress- Mixture of sheer silk/ velvet trim and woven crochet edging HOT!!
2.  Marc Jacobs- Silk and beaded overlay dress in cream
3.  Vivienne Westwood- Love heart fronted plastic heels 
SPOILER ALERT: EBAY purchases! For the above items
The following items are a few from the latest Topshop injection into my wardrobe
4.  Asymmetric color black dress 
5. Lace crop top 
6. Velvet pussybow collar 
7. Nutmeg boyfriend blazer
8. 4 different necklace armor pieces/ collars
High Street Malvern purchases 
9. Arabella Ramsay- Shirt/ skirt
10. Decuba- Orange silk maxi dress
11. Nine West- Platform Pink and gold to die for heels! / Green platform heels 

Ahhh so many more I could list but blahhh fuck it ill show you some xoxo
So this is my room hmm hmm sorry I mean walk in closet.....

And that is not even the half of it peeps so just wait till I get my back fixed and I can put some of this ON! 

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