Monday, October 10, 2011

Focus & Re-group

I had so many different aspirations for this blog at the beginning, I guess like so many other budding fashionista's bloggers I imagined it to be so an instant success. A success in term that people would follow my blog and adore the post and pictures I put up. That was mistake number 1 i was trying to fulfill the brief of expectations of people I didn't know, I was marketing my blog to someone I couldn't even imagine. So I took stock what would I like to read about? What do I love about those blogs which I daily look at in hope that they have a new post. Its the individual that really makes a blog and their take on the content. So no longer will i amble through this blogasphere with no proposed focus. I shall be focused and I shall build my blog around affordable fashion!! I am a 21 year old, occasional university student where I shall en-devour to finish my Degree in Archaeology which began almost 4 years ago YIKES!! I work full time at a great cafe with amazing customers and a great group of friends. I have just moved out and am asserting my independence in all aspects of my life including a self proposed SINGLE status. 
Now, I am not the highest earner if my boss sees this hint hint haha, but i live a comfortable existence between paying rent and play money. Play money defined my moi is: $$$ to be spent on clothes and accessories to wear  to those amazing places I don't got but if i am ever invited to a red carpet or a gala ball have the perfect outfit for. I was once known as an Ebay a holic and I guess once I realized at the age of 19 that my money could buy me all the things I dreamed of growing up in Melbourne adoring fashion, I began to invest all my time and money into doing just such. 

I trawl the internet for things that I feel encapsulate the looks which I adore but without the $1000 price tag, its not quite thrift store trawling but this is a modern age. I have built up a collection of key pieces and accessories which have seemingly no relation to each other, but i like to put them together. It is the definition of an eclectic wardrobe. I have always loved styling outfits and looks so I though FUCK IT make that into your blog. 

Here we go x 

This is me by the way, why don't more people accesorise their mouths? I like to add a Topshop velvet bow tye but don't get me wrong only on special occasions

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