Monday, October 10, 2011

Stylin or stylinz

Do you like wearing see through tops all year round? VERY unintentionally I appear to. I was looking back at some pictures starting from July this year and 1 things is very obvious! I have changed my hair 4 times since then. But, also that I have introduced a lot more color into my summer wardrobe!!!

I was told I dress well for me, what does that mean? I dress well for my figure well I don't wont to bore you all with my short cumming s hmm hmm short being the key word- yes I am the size of a slightly over grown hobbit which is hilarious seeing as my family is from NZ and if you could see my relations you would believe that NZ is in fact middle Earth. 
But I do like to think I dress for my shape and for me, I certainly don't dress for discomfort. I am a internal struggle in myself- I like to dress body conscious but then ill layer 2 tops and a jacket on top/ or ill never wear a skirt of dress that's tight without a good pair of spanks haha. But then again now day at work is a far cry from what i wear as soon as i get home, I love the drama and escapism of fashion so I thought why not do a comparative blog post- show the extent of my fashion shake up from day to late afternoon slashy night! Perfect I thought a great way to begin this new chapter of my blog but just as quickly as it began it ended oh SHIT! i dont have a tripod and cant work out my remote timer on my comp so FUCK SHIT WANKER it will have to wait for another day. So to tie myself over I thought post some pics that dont reallly show what ur wearing and give that a go xo 

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