Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is All It Takes To Sell These Days..... Sex? ....DAISY LOWE CAMPAIGN

Is All It Takes To Sell These Days....Sex? YES

This is the Spring/ Summer campaign featuring the enegmatic Daisy Lowe shot by Jeurgen Teller. Honestly is all it takes to sell your wears a sexually driven add campaign? Sure sex sells there is absolutely no doubt. It sells magazines, clothing it sells a young woman every saturday night in St kilda. The question still remains for me personally atleast is that are we moving away from campaignes which are more than just a provocative image?

Daisy Lowe is by no means a conventional model but what she has is the features which she uses to her advantage. Covered gingerly by a sheet she lays beggingly on a bed and that is the first image which we are greated with from the campaign. I will continue more with this will have to do for now.......

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