Tuesday, April 6, 2010

S Magazine

As Soon As I Am Able Access A Scanner And Have Some Free Time I'm Going All Out Scanning Images From S Magazine To Upload. I Came Across It Completely By Accident In A Dodgy, Dingy, Backwards, Newsagency Styled Shack In Melbournes Out Skirts It Looked So Lonley And Out Of PLace Lying There Next To New Idea And Thats Life. Some People In Their Lives Chose To Save Animals Or Small Human Beings Sometimes Referred To As Children Or Midgets Or Things With Freakishly Small Hands BUT My Contirbution Will Be To Save Magazines From Eternal Dispair Suffering The Terrible Fate Of Lying On A Shelf Somewhere Unappreciated. I Will Not Stand It And Neither Should You (This Is Becoming A Call To Arms) It's A Revoution (Stylish Revolution) Colour Co Ordinated And Fought In $300 Dollar Pairs Of Shoes.

So After Returning Home With The Fallen Magazine I Nursed It Back To Health Over A Latte A Some TLC In The Form Of Flicking Through It On Top Of 300 Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet In My Room.

Well, It Was A Revelation To Say The Least;

I Later Looked Up S Magazine Primarily To Find Out WHat The S Stood For- Apparently Not For 'Sex' As A Co Worker Commented It Could STand For. As Usual I Digress But I Came Across Their Website Which Is Currently Under Maintenance Construction But Which Featured The Most Hilaroius French Anit Smoking Campaign I Believe I Have Seen To Date. It Tops The Sneaky Phrase That Winfield Used To Have Writtien Iniside The Lid Behind The Greusome Anti Smoking Images Saying 'Anyhow Have A Winfield'.

In This Clever Campaign It Likens Smoking To Being Forced To Give A Blowjob? Interesting Concept- Check It Out, Judge For Yourslef?

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