Monday, April 5, 2010

Black & Whites

I Will Be Featuring A Series Intermittently Through My Blog Of Back & White Images.
The Following Is A Distinctly French Campaign For Jeans There Is A Fine Line In Fashion Photography Which Can Be Crossed. When The Artistic Direction Is Seemingly Obscured With Blatant Nudity 'Pornography' Masked As Campaigns. Sometimes Photographers Achieve The Prefect Balance Of Tasteful Nudity Sometimes It Comes Across As A Grotesque Image Of Exploitation. I Feature A Substantial Amount Of Nudity On My Blog And Who's To Say The Images Which I Post Wont To The Eyes Of A Particular Beholder Conjours Feelings Of Exploitation, All I Can Say Is The Images I Chose To Post Which Contain Nudity Are Not Meant To Offend. They Are Simply My Opinion Of An Image Which Appeals To The Theme I Am Wishing To Convey; To Be Continued....

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