Monday, April 5, 2010

Self Proclaimed 'Genius' Strikes Once Again And Comes Up Trumps...

'Genius' The Itunes Shuffle System Worked It's Magic Tonight And Revealed An Almost Schizophrenic, Time Warping/Bending, Genre And Stereotype Breaking Playlist That I Could Enjoy Whilst I Price Items Of Clothing For The Future 'Send Fritha To Africa' Fundraising Day In Which I Relinquish At Least A Substantial Amount Of My Clothing And Accessories In A Bid To Boost My Saving For My Move To Africa At The End Of The Year But I Digress, This Is What The Self Title 'Genius' Came Up With?:

1. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? MOBY/ 2. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien EDITH PIAF/ 3. The Passanger IGGY POP/ 4. WOuldn't Get Far THE GAME/ 5. Natural Blues MOBY/ 5. Suffragette City DAVID BOWIE/ 6. Paint It Black BLUEGRASS ROLLING STONES/ 7. Killing Me Softly THE FUGEES/ 8. Cat People DAVID BOWIE/ 9. Black Adder The Third Part 2 Of 2 RICHARD CURTIS AND BEN ELTON/ 10. Dancing With Myself BILLY IDOL/ 11. Dreadlock Holiday 10CC/ 12. Hurricane BOB DYLAN/ 13. I'm Shipping Up To Boston DROPKICK MURPHYS/ 14. Blue JONI MITCHEL/ 15. A Well Respected Man THE KINKS/ 16. Cocaine Blues JOHNNY CASH/ 17. Ashes To Ashes DAVID BOWIE/ 18. One SIlver Dollar INGLORIOUS BASTARDS/ 19. The Times They Are A Changing BOB DYLAN/ 20. Day Dreaming LUPE FIASCO FEAT. JILL SCOTT/ 21. Make Up LOU REED/ 22. I Let You Be MATT JOE GOW AND THE DEAD LEAVES/ 23. Jesus Walks KANYE WEST/ 24. White Rabbit JEFFERSON AEROPLANE/ 25. Bela Lugosi's Dead BAUHAUS/ 26. Common People PULP/ 27. Murder City Lights RADIOBIRDMAN/ 28. 22 LILY ALLEN/ 29. Talk Show Host RADIOHEAD/ 30. The Man Who Sold The World DAVID BOWIE/ 31. Un Amico ENNIO MORRICONE/ 32. Bad Things JACE EVERETT/ 33. Nights In White Satin THE MOODY BLUES/ 34. Dance Wiv Me DIZZEE RASCAL/ 35. Unfinished Sympathy MASSIVE ATTACK/ 36. Crimson And Clover TOMMY JAMES & The Scoundrals/ 37. Teardrop MASSIVE ATTACK/ 38. Time To Pretend MGMT/ 39. Murder By Numbers THE POLICE/ 40. Son Of A Preacher Man PULP FICTION/ 40. Sober PINK/ 41. Steady As She Goes THE SABATEURS/ 42. The War Of The Worlds H.G WELLS

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